Midwives are the front line in keeping women healthy—through pre- and postnatal care and through comprehensive reproductive health care, including safe abortion. When skilled midwives make these important services available, accessible and affordable, they play a key role in reducing maternal mortality.

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It’s International Day of the Midwife! Ipas recognizes the vital role that midwives play in the health of women and children. Check out our provider snapshot on Midwife Evelyne Mutio here.

Midwife Evelyne Mutio has been in practice in a densely populated area in Nairobi since 1988. She has devoted her professional life to midwifery — she has taught midwives for more than 25 years and was a delegate to the United Nations 1976 Year of the Woman.

A campaign in El Salvador to free 17 women imprisoned on charges of illegal abortion is gaining momentum!

“Las 17” (The 17) Campaign is rallying behind the phrase “A flower for each of The 17… We won’t let their lives wither” and created this video featuring each incarcerated woman with the number of years of her prison sentence. It’s very moving—even if you don’t speak Spanish.

If laws don’t change, tens of millions of women will continue to risk their lives and health each year. In contrast, where laws are reformed, as in Ethiopia and Nepal more than a decade ago, an enabling environment is created, and women’s health improves.

Ipas President and CEO Elizabeth Maguire during the 47th session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development

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